Pharmaceutical Sales Reporting

by Lou Galli

Application Development
Developed and maintained a Sales Reporting platform for over 15 years for a major Pharmaceutical Company. The platform consisted of a Visual Basic report generators that created Microsoft Excel, Word and Powerpoint deliverables. Report generators were kicked off weekly, monthly or quarterly to create the reports. Reports were distributed via a Visual Basic email application that was also part of the platform.

Some of the reports generated included:

  • Weekly Product Tracking
  • Monthly Product Tracking
  • Managed Care Reporting
  • Weekly Physician Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Monthly Physician Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Hospital Reporting
  • Call Reporting
  • Sample Reporting
  • Incentives Contests
  • Speaker and Grant Reporting

  • Over 15 years, there were many versions of the reporting system that were built. The following development tools were utilized: Visual Studio, .NET, Visual Basic, VBA, Oracle and SAS

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